Collection: Iconic Photographs

Producing contemporary art in the 21st. Century goes much further than the individual creator’s concept. Art becomes an ample collaborative act; one that becomes a joint venture by sharing the artist’s personal interpretation of art through other people’s eyes, ending up with a same purpose: that of creating a plural work of art.

In this photo exhibit of ephemeral art in Nature, Earth Works, arte_FITS Foundation presents the works of different local and international artists who have exposed their works in Dorado’s open spaces. These images are both: a registry and a documentation of their work; and they bring us to the attention that photography is also a work of art per se. The photographer, as arte_FITS Foundation sees it, adds his own, personal artistic eye to the oeuvre, thus completing the original art form.

Our mission is to contribute to the debate and to reflect upon artistic concepts and promote a dialogue with the public. This is the reason why we ask ourselves:

Is the original creator of Earth Works’ exhibitions the sole creator of the work of art? Are these photos that document them a work of art by themselves? Is this image that captures ephemeral art as ephemeral as the original?

We invite our public to observe these photos with a curious eye so that the questions that might arise in our minds continue to nourish the cultural panorama that surrounds us.