Archivos de lo efímero, 2015

Photography exhibition at downtown dorado

The Sala de Exposiciones de la Plata, Slavador Rivera Cardona in Dorado held in 2015 an exhibition showcasing the iconic images of ten art installations that have been produced and documented by arte_FITS.FOUNDATION. Open to the public from June to October, the exhibition was free of charge as the Foundation seeks to work with the town of Dorado and The Office of Cultural Affairs in order to integrate artistic endeavors within the community. This is one of many plans the Foundation has to animate and encourage people to engage as a community by regaining use of public spaces.

Archivos de Lo Efímero focuses on ten ART IN NATURE installations produced by local and international artists on the grounds of Dorado Beach. Some of the installations have lasted only a couple of hours while others remained onsite for years. The exhibition highlights the creative process behind each installation through photographic documentation. The documented process then becomes a work of art in its own right, transcending the experience of the installation itself through the use of image.

The images will decorated the walls of the Marina’s “Sala de Exposiciones de la Plata” as part of an initiative to integrate the arts in public spaces, allowing the town of Dorado to become as vibrant a community as its name suggests.