Revitalization of La Plata Riverbank

arte_FITS and La Plata: A Revitalization Along the Riverbank

The Sala de Exposiciones de La Plata [SEP] is an interactive exhibition space located in the township of Dorado. The initiative that launched the idea of revitalizing the gallery has its origins in a demographic study produced through Dorado Es Verde, a collaborative project between arte_FITS.FOUNDATION and the public entities of Dorado. Through this approach, the Foundation produced a series of interviews that ultimately provided a reliable statistic of what Dorado’s local community wanted the public space of Rio La Plata to become without losing its essence of being a meeting point for the town’s fishermen.

Acting as arte_FITS.FOUNDATION’s first urban regenerator, the SEP has allowed for a diffusion of creative elements to occur alongside the riverbank of Rio La Plata. Its base is founded under a wide range of educational approaches, the combination of art and nature, scientific and technological perceptions of philosophy and the preservation of architectonic and environmental spaces. Being a boutique-like gallery, the SEP holds temporary exhibitions accompanied by workshops, conferences and guided tours.

By revitalizing public spaces, community’s perceptions of the landscape changes. Curator Marinelly Bello further analyzes that “a regenerated urban space begins to come alive once it starts being visited by its local and international community, creating a variety of cultural, arquitectural, communal, and economical ties”. arte_FITS.FOUNDATION’s “Sala de Exposiciones de la Plata” thus, acts as a pivotal center for the promotion of local and international art.