Teresa Mulet, en(re), 2011.

Dorado Beach Resort’s east golf course’s periphery. Large format sculpture based in a fabric mesh filed with reused plastic bottles, forming the word “en(re)”.


Being ecologically conscious has been implanted in communities all over the globe as a way to protect the environment. These actions always begin with the simple exercise of recycling, where used materials and/or waste are adapted to be reused.

As part of the inauguration of arte_FITS.FOUNDATION’s community program Dorado Es Verde, Venezuelan artist Teresa Mulet presented the collaborative project, en(re) for the communities of Dorado. The project incorporated a direct participation of high school students from José Santos Alegría and Tasis Dorado.

Through Dorado Es Verde, the Foundation has encouraged the community of Dorado to participate in events where the protagonists are art and nature.

The idea proposed through en(re) was associated with the respect between humans and nature. In order for it to have an intrinsic value for future generations, communities must adapt this interrelation without being constantly reminded by the media to be a social and cultural responsibility. Re indicates repetition and/or withdrawal. In the case of the installation, the term was attributed to emphasize a constant call to action. EN(RE) was made up of three interventions:

  1. The construction of the word en(re) as a tridimensional structure filled with recycled plastic bottles from the Recollection Center of Dorado.
  2. Placing words from the en(re) notebook on the ground and the trees.
  3. Collecting them and annotating the experience in the en(re)


Teresa Mulet is also known for her work with typography. The role played by this concept in the installation allowed the spectators to wonder about the tone of voice a place could have as it emits its experiences through historical messages. Thus, the artwork becomes a gift for the observer who acts as an active reader, allowing one to reflect on the variety of forms that exist in the universe.

Venezuelan based artist Teresa Mulet, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s in Total Design. Mulet is the co-founder of “Instituto ProDiseño” and the creator of Studio-T. The artist implements her typographical artwork within the fields of communications, design, art, and architecture. Most of her projects are interventions of visual and tridimensional words that invite the spectators to become conscious active readers.

For more information on the artist you may visit: www.teresamulet.com