Miruna Dragan, Fertile Void IX: Infinite Prosperity, 2015.

Dorado Beach Resort’s east golf course. Artistic intervention in one of the golf holes, made out of a composition of triangle shaped mirrors of three different tones.

Fertile Void IX: Infinite Prosperity

Through mosaic patterns, Miruna Dragan’s Fertile Void IX: Infinite Prosperity produces a contradictious parallel form of perspective were the reflection of the mirrors provide an equal opening to two of the farthest points of our existence, up in the sky and into the abyss.
The ninth piece in the series Fertile Void, possibly the last, persuaded Dragan to surround its meaning with the mysticism of the number nine.

Fertile Void IX: Infinite Prosperity was made with LOTS & Honefoss mirrors that created mosaic characteristics based on the geometric form, the enneagram, and below these mirrors, different bright colors were placed, allowing the energies to flow. The piece was not made with fiberglass because this material does not reflect, and the purpose of the artwork is to reflect everything going on above it in order to entrap the concept of eternity. The installation was inaugurated on November 10th at Zafra along with Jaime Rodriguez’s Hole in One