Chemi Rosado Seijo, Green Sand Trap, 2012.

Dorado Beach Resort’s east golf course’s periphery. Artistic intervention on one of the sand traps, covered entirely with organic green dye.

Green Sand Trap

It upsets the rules of the game [golf] and the ecosystem’s modification made by the course’s designers while intervening as the mimicry some animals possess, camouflage. Chemi Rosado’s piece, Trampa de Arena Verde (Green Sand Trap), is not a sculpture that utilizes physical materials for Rosado dressed up as an activist gardener and covered several sand traps of the golf course in organic green dye with the intention of having grass grow. As a way to challenge the golfer’s eye, from a certain distance the sand trap was distinguishable. Nevertheless, after several weeks it [sand trap] ended up blending with the environment as a way of somehow allowing nature to take control of the surroundings.

“The idea is to question and underline our relationship with nature while changing and affecting the game’s [golf] sociology by disappearing the sand traps to play with the golfer’s eyes as he sets his goals into the hole”.

Without having to divulge much in the topic most people seem to accept regeneration as an artistic way of viewing the restoration of life. In the non-profit foundation, arte_FITS, there is one important mission that is constantly encouraged: to amplify the six senses by developing sensitivity through the visual language. arte_FITS.FOUNDATION’s ways involve the appreciation and creation of ephemeral art. Ephemeral art is mostly done with and within nature therefore its evolution is transitory. The ephemeral exposition that is Art in Golf includes the intervention of six artists inside the golf courses of Dorado Beach that were designed by Robert Trent Jones, father and son. Although the pieces are very different from each other, they all seem to share the contextual concept that involves the search for identity by mimicking life’s regeneration process. The fascinating thing about ephemeral art is that it allows one to comprehend that life is based on evolution. For sometimes, even though, things disappear one must not linger on that which cannot be seen anymore but appreciate what is now there without forgetting its transformation.