Jaime Rodríguez Crespo, Hole in One, 2015.

Dorado Beach Resort’s ‘Sugar Cane’ golf course. Large format sculpture based on tree logs forming a bird nest, on which there are two eggs and a golf ball.

Hole in One

Hole in One reflects on the unnoticed intrusion of human involvement in nature amongst natural objects. Just as a golf course consists of an artificial landscape made up of natural elements, the artist makes reference to such phenomena by creating a bird’s nest that has obviously succumb to human imposition due to its size and placement as a site-specific intervention. The similarity between the two eggs and the golf ball created by the artist also addresses the artificial nature of the landscape as one object, the golf ball, can blend in with organic elements, the two eggs. As a result, the sculpture demonstrates how a man made product can be mistaken for an organic form. This installation was inaugurated on November 10th at Zafra along with Miruna Dragan’s The Fertile Void IX: Infinite Prosperity .