Pet Love

What started off as simply a photography contest by the name of Dog Love introduced by arte_FITS.FOUNDATION in 2010 as a way for the Dorado Beach community to interact, ended up being a big part of both the foundation and the community. Now, going by the name of Pet Love, this activity has been evolving from what use to be a photography contest of canines only to all animals and animal lovers. As an activity done once a year, Pet love is, in al its essence, a photography contest that hopes to increase people’s awareness of the love and care a pet deserves. Nevertheless, every year the theme changes in order to motivate participants to expand their knowledge in photo editing, artistic styles to enhance photography, and best capture those unforgettable moments that “through our camera’s lens we are able to grasp the essence of our beloved pets”.

Our annual Dorado Beach Pet Love 2016 event granted its participants a photography contest where they could honor their pets. On this year event inspired by Elias Weiss Friedman (the dogist), we focused on our pets’ personalities, the contestant’s final images are showcased in the tunnel. All funds collected were donated to our allied animal shelter, The Cat Alliance.


First Place in Expressions:
Hayber Diaz

First Place in Playa:
Jose chipi

First Place in Nighttime:
Janalle Trigo

First Place in Seniors:
Isabel Rodríguez

First Place in Playtime:
Lorna Abernathy