Where nature is the protagonist 2013

In 2013, the Plantation and Dorado Beach communities began to notice quaint interventions in the landscape. Portraits were found in several corners attracting everyone’s attention along with questions of where and why. The answer was arte_FITS. We are constantly providing opportunities with the intention of sensitising the communities on the topic of art and what nature represents in it.

If someone told you to observe a plant in an artistic way, you’d probably analyse the plant as single object
regardless of everything that might be surrounding it. And why wouldn’t you if the instructions given were a simple one, just observe the plant artistically.

photo credit_Claudia Palazzi

Now, if there was a frame in front of this plant and someone gave you the same instructions, the observations would be different. Automatically, everything inside of the frame is what your eyesight will be attracted to. Before, but not on purpose, you would only observe the bush as a single item, nevertheless, once there is a frame placed you are obligated to notice all that is inside. In other words, the frame is the one giving the instructions of what must be observed.

Anything can be a work a work of art, but we must first develop our eyesight in order to properly observe and analyse all that surrounds us. Portraits &/of Nature hands over to the DBE & Plantation communities the first step to learning how to observe art by providing value to the small things. It starts with a frame and ends in the surroundings.