Jorge Díaz, Public Ground, 2015.

Dorado Beach Resort’s east golf course. Circular drawings on a sand trap, made with asphalt collected from different highways of Puerto Rico.

Public Ground

Jorge Díaz is a Puerto Rican based artist known for creating distinctive installations of urban objects and sceneries inside closed-controlled spaces. For his participation in Art In Golf Triennial 2015, Díaz created Public Grounds were the concept of time in the urban spaces was questioned by using eroded gravel found in the corners of the streets to create drawings on the sand trap.

“At the time I was working on various bi-dimensional pieces that contained abstract drawings. These pieces were created using the sediment and erosion of the city, so when the need to change the proposal came up, it occurred to me that I could take these small pieces and place them in a large-scale installation. It was by inserting a common scene of the public space in the golf course that I would be able to provoke a reflection on the exterior spaces.”

– Jorge Díaz, interview Between the Bridges that Connect the Urban Spaces