Rafael Trelles, Rebirth of Dorado’s Palm Trees, 2012.

Dorado Beach Resort’s east golf course’s periphery. Artistic intervention with painted plastic tubes, on a series of dead palm trees.

Rebirth of Dorado’s Palm Trees

High in the dry trunk of several palm trees, Rafael Trelles is able to create beauty from death. Looking pass the aridness of the palm trees, in his sculpture; Rebirth of Dorado’s Palm Trees; the dry wood is represented by rebirth as a metaphor of creation. Trelles’ sculpture involves plastic tubes that were painted with aerosol in colors attractive to the eye with iron rods inside them in order to properly freeze and mimic the movement of the palms and flat forms made of zinc also painted with attractive colored aerosol. Thus, the intention of the sculpture is to resemble a frozen swing in order to delight one in the ephemeral instant of rebirth through art. “[The Rebirth of Dorado’s Palm Trees] summons one to imagine the rebirth of the dead palm trees in order to envisage for an instant, while it is being aesthetically contemplated, the triumphant possibility of art and love beating death”.