Sofía Maldonado: Artist in Residence May, 2016

During her artist residency in arte_FITS.FOUNDATION, Maldonado produced nineteen acuarela paintings based on a study of Dorado’s architectonical landscape. The exhibition, inaugurating the paintings, included three large scale images taken by artist Mónica Félix of the project Caguas a Color and videographic documentation of Proyecto Calaña.

Both the images and video presented during the exhibition belong to the cultural initiative Crómatica. Commissioned by art developer, José Hernández Castrodad, the projects are managed by Sofía Maldonado and a collective of local artists including Javier & Jaime Suárez, Quintín Rivera-Toro, Omar Torres Calvo and Guillermo Rodríguez where they “reactivate unused spaces through art and community effort by exploring abstraction and color in these public spaces”.

A Color

Following the concept of intervening spaces with abstract murals, Maldonado’s event Dorado A Color was held on Saturday, october 8 at arte_FITS’ “Sala de Exposiciones de La Plata”. Throughout the day, a variety of activities such as intervening Mónica Felix’s images with acuarela, painting of the mural under the bridge where the Rio La Plata flows, art workshops, forums, and live music surrounded the SEP.