Jesús “Bubu” Negrón , Top Flag, 2012.

Dorado Beach Resort’s east golf course. Golf flag taken to a monumental proportion, made out of a metal tube and a bigger flag.

Top Flag

The conceptualization of what a flag is has been around since the human kind felt the need for national identity. Flags are also sometimes considered a representation of peace. National identity represents hope when all seems to be at a loss in a country. It can be seen in a rebirth context for national identity rejects the death of their cultural pride and even though there are civilizations that have been long gone the fact that they even had a national identity allows the present to know who and how they were bringing them, somehow, back to life.

The vertical sculpture by Jesus “Bubu” Negron goes by the title Top Flag. The red flag waves high in a thumping pole whose height competes with its surrounding palm trees, allowing the breeze to rock the flag along with the rhythm of the neighboring trees. Although it contributes to a decontextualize idea of art merchandise; since most people believe art is suppose to only be beautiful; the flag also provides a representation of both the pop (criticism, irony, and humor) and surreal (dreams and unconsciousness).