Anaitte Vaccaro, Wind Chime for Clara, 2012.

Forest-like space at Dorado Beach Resort. Light installation projected over wood pieces hanged in the air, activated by movement sensors that responded to the wind speed.

Wind Chime for Clara

Inspired by the history of Clara Livingston, Vaccaro finds muse to create the digital scenery that is Wind Chime for Clara. The work is a tribute to wind and Clara’s imprint on Puerto Rico. Clara Livingston was one of the pioneer women in aviation and she created the first private airport in the island at Dorado. The sculpture included sensor technology to calculate the wind’s speed. This technology stimulated the projected video source and the sounds of the wind chimes after nightfall. As a tribute, the wind chimes, which were installed in grounds that witnessed Livingston’s achievements, allow the rebirth of Clara and the airport to be possible.

“Wind is a powerful natural force, tamed only by those who venture. Invisible if it were not for the interaction of the elements that it affects- leaves, trees, grass, waves, clouds, sand, hair, flags, skirts, kites, sails, balloons, windmills…

Free, limitless, unpredictable, playful, destructive, spiritual, and in mythology a goddess.
Clara Livingston,
embodied by a masterful aviator, the butterfly
that flutters through Earth, luxuriating in the privilege of flight.”